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CCCA is the voice of the structured cabling industry. Leading manufacturers of cable and connectivity products, distributors and material suppliers have joined together in CCCA to inform, educate and provide thought leadership on vital issues and topics.

Structured Cable Industry and COVID-19

As COVID-19 has changed the way we work, educate and communicate, it is alarmingly clear that telecommunications connectivity is not just essential but critical for the functioning of global society. From telemedicine to commerce to news, awareness, communication, transportation, security, infrastructure and everything in between, connectivity provides the network that enables modern life to go on.

This is why now more than ever it is vital that the products that enable connectivity provide secure, reliable connections between devices and networks. CCCA is devoted to combating counterfeit and non-compliant cable and connectivity components that threaten the network upon which modern life depends.

What is Structured Cabling?

From powering the devices you use every day, to smart building, internet infrastructure, broadband communications and so much more, structured cabling is the backbone of how power and information connects in today’s society.

Our member companies represent all aspects of the structured cabling system

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In a nutshell, CCCA focuses its mission on “What You Need to Know” to stay abreast and well-informed on topics and issues vital to the structured cabling industry.

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