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REELEX Packaging Solutions takes pride in superior customer service and is fully committed to supporting the needs of all REELEX licensees. On this page, you can find solutions to common problems as well as contact our support staff directly.

If you require a part or have a technical question, please contact us or you may contact us by phone or email.

REELEX Phone: +1 845.878.7878

REELEX Support Email:

All support over the phone or email is free of charge to all REELEX Licensees. Packaging development, samples and consultation is also free of charge.

Looking to use REELEX for a new product? Contact us, or have us make a sample for you. See calculated coil sizes using our online packaging calculator, or download the program for windows here.

Equipment Manuals

The link below will guide you to many of the operation and maintenance manuals we have available for most REELEX machines. Other manuals and schematics are available, including manuals in other languages. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

REELEX Packaging Guide

From step-by-step packaging, to shipping and stacking guidelines to coil adjustments. Download the manual that is everything REELEX.

Recommended for all product mangers and operations personnel.

Packaging Calculator

Enter your product OD, mandrel and endform sizes along with your coil length and get information on machine settings, coil diameter and more.

Phone or Email Support

REELEX support over email, phone or fax is always available free of charge to our licensees.

To see if your company is an authorized REELEX licensee, click here.

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During the period of one year from the date of delivery of any Machine purchased or leased by LICENSEE pursuant to to the LICENSE AGREEMENT, REELEX shall service such machine and repair or replace any machine part of the machine that becomes defective or faulty as a result of REELEX's fault, free of charge for parts and labor, unless such defect or fault shall be due to LICENSEE's negligence.

After the expiration of one year from the date of delivery of any REELEX Machine purchased or leased by LICENSEE pursuant to this AGREEMENT, REELEX shall continue to provide servicing of the machines as LICENSEE may request, but LICENSEE shall pay REELEX' servicing expenses for such machines, including labor and overhead, and shall pay for any required machine parts required to service such machines.

LICENSEE will permit REELEX, at REELEX's expense, to make service inspections of REELEX Machines at mutually convenient times, upon advance request by REELEX.

REELEX Service Policies

All verbal or electronic advice, consultation or other assistance given over phone or email is always free of charge.

Issues with REELEX equipment should first be reviewed with REELEX technicians over phone or email before a service call is deemed necessary. Many issues can be resolved without a visit.

Service calls are billed per REELEX’s service rates.

Maintenance Performed by Licensee:

Aside from mandrels and endforms, components used in REELEX machines are similar to components used in other common machinery in the wire and cable industry. As a part of the commissioning process of every REELEX machine, the REELEX commissioning technician will provide training to the Licensee’s maintenance personnel for performing troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

REELEX machines have an extensive onboard troubleshooting system that can identify many common problems. In addition, service assistance from REELEX by phone or email is always available and always free. Licensees are expected to employ mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel with adequate training and experience to work in a manufacturing facility. Specialized training is not required. Once some minimal experience is acquired with REELEX machinery, most common problems can routinely be handled by Licensee’s maintenance personnel. In the rare cases where a REELEX technician is needed, they can be dispatched with very little notice.

Components/Issues that can be serviced by Maintenance Personnel:

Components/Issues that should be serviced by REELEX Personnel: