REELEX Packaging Calculator


Hole Size Input

Select a hole size based on what type of payout tube you intend to use, and the bending radius of your product. The hole size should be set so that the operator does not have difficulty inserting the payout tube.

Mandrels, Endform and Traverse

About 60% to 70% of REELEX machines are equipped with 8" mandrels with 18" endforms.

For manufacturers winding cable larger than 0.25 inches OD, or are packaging high-performance twisted-pair products like Category 6, 6a etc., 10" mandrels with 21" endforms are recommended.


This calculator does NOT take into account the variable density function available on REELEX coiling machines. The density upgrade can reduce coil sizes by an additional 5% to 15% from calculated.

If your coil sizes are far off from calculated, you may have issues that should be addressed. See the packaging manual for more information.

Hole Size Guidelines:

  • REELEX I - 40 to 60°
  • EcoCore - 60 to 80°
  • REELEX II - 70 to 110°
  • All twisted-pair, LAN, fiber optic and coaxial cables should use EcoCore or REELEX II tubes (60°+)

Machine Configuration Guidelines:

  • Typical Mandrel Diameters - 6, 8, 10
  • Typical Endform Diameters - 12, 18, 21
  • Traverse Stroke is almost always 12 inches on standard REELEX machines.

Important Notes:

  • Some causes of coil size variation include improper tension, incorrect hole taper or density adjustment, mechanical issues, etc. Contact us if you need assistance.
  • This calculator is simply meant as a guide. ALWAYS create sample coils before ordering packaging materials.

REELEX Calculator


Enter in your product's diameter in inches, your desired coil length and your machine configuration. After pressing the "calculate" button, the program will provide you with a range of gain settings that can be used for this product (2. A and 2. B). Now, enter a gain setting between the minimum and maximum allowable values to see the corresponding coil diameter, package dimensions and minimum payout tube length for your settings.

1. Inputs

A. Enter Product Information:


B. Enter Machine Configuration


C. Enter Payout Hole Size


D. Press "Calculate"

2. Gain Settings and Coil Diameter Range

Minimum and Maximum Values are as Follows:

3. Package Calculations
A. Estimated Package Height (in):
B. Estimated Package Width (in):
C. Estimated Package Depth (in):
D. Minimum Payout Tube Length (in):