Stretch Wrap Module

Stretch Wrap

REELEX coils lend themselves perfectly to stretch and shrink-wrap packaging methods. For low-margin products, shrink and stretch-wrapping options can significantly reduce packaging costs while introducing a fully disposable, lightweight and low-waste package.

REELEX Packaging Solutions' Stretch-Wrapping module can be retrofitted to existing RS1, D-750, and D-1500 coiling machines as an add-on or ordered with new equipment. This module has been custom-designed for use with the REELEX coiling process and is operated by the REELEX machine controller.

The module works by using compressed air to trap the film inside the outer layer of the coil during the final revolutions of the mandrel. This process is choreographed to coincide with the various stages of the winding process for seamless automated stretch-wrapping capability.

If you are interested in ordering a REELEX machine with stretch-wrapping capability or would like to upgrade an existing machine, please contact us for pricing and information.

Stretch Wrapping Process

  1. As a coil finishes winding, the controller signals the wrap module to advance the wrap material using motorized rollers.

  1. Compressed air is then blown through small slots that keep the film suspended, and the material is blown onto the rotating coil.

  1. Once the stretch wrap film has encountered the rotating coil, the film becomes engaged with the cable as it is wound onto the coil.

  1. When the mandrel stops rotating, the film is pulled taut and is automatically cut.

  1. The coil is now fully wrapped and can be removed from the machine as a stabilized, contained coil. Further packaging may now take place or the coil can be shipped as-is.


Pricing - Manual Stretch Wrap Module
Manual Stretch Wrap Module $1,800.00
Manual Module Rent/Month $50.00/Month
Pricing - Automated Stretch Wrap Module
Automated Stretch Wrap Module $4,500.00 (per module, two are needed for D-1500)
Automated Module Rent/Month $125.00/Month (per module, two are needed for D-1500)