SlingPack Packaging System

SlingPack Packaging

Introducing SlingPack: a new low-cost, installer-friendly package that combines the economics and speed of stretch-wrap with the environmental advantages, versatility and handling ease of a cardboard box. Like ProFlex, SlingPack is a user-friendly package design with a centered, easy to grasp handle. SlingPack is economical, durable and customizable, and does not require a heat tunnel or band sealer.

Designed around stretch-wrapped coils, SlingPack acts as a cradle to provide plastic-wrapped coils easier handling, a secure payout platform, branding and labelling opportunities, and protection and security during shipping.

SlingPack is designed to dispense vertically or horizontally, and features a fold-over handle to reduce shipping volume. The shipping box is built to handle two SlingPacks and dispense without ever having to remove the coils.

Package Features

ProFlex Hanging ProFlex Terminated

No Need to Unpack

Since SlingPacks dispense without the need for stands, racks or put-ups, we designed the shipping box to also serve as a payout box.

Installers don’t even have to take SlingPacks out of the box to start pulling wire. Boxes feature handles for easy carrying, and open easily to mix and match packs.

Mix and Match

Electricians can take individual SlingPacks out of the shipping container, or mix and match individual colors in containers and pull from there, providing the installer with maximum flexibility.

Mix and match SlingPacks in shipping boxes, then stack the boxes or lay them next to eachother for multi-conductor pulls.

The REELEX® Difference

The fundamental difference between REELEX and all other types of wire packaging is a figure-eight. While parallel-wind coils and spools are wound with one twist per circumference, REELEX coils are wound with a twist in one direction and a counter-twist in the other direction.

This means that REELEX coils cancel each twist as the wire exits the package, providing the electrician with smooth, tangle and completely twist-free payout.