Reuser Case System
Reuser Case

Reuser Case

The Reuser Case is a durable, weatherproof, cost-effective system designed with the end-user in mind. With the Reuser Case system, the manufacturer ships a stretch wrapped or banded REELEX coil directly to the end-user or jobsite, where the installer cuts the wrap or banding on the coil, inserts the payout tube, and places the coil into the case for payout. Many manufacturers choose to provide the Reuser Case and Payout Tube to the installer free of charge under the condition that refills be ordered through the manufacturer.

The Reuser Case system is especially environmentally-friendly and economical, as jobsite waste is reduced to minimal wrapping or banding, while shipping and packaging costs for manufacturer are dramatically reduced.

The nearly indestructible Reuser Case is made from injection-molded polyethylene and can be molded with custom logos if desired. There is a one-time charge for the logo molding plate, price available upon request.

Reuser cases were designed primarily for use with CATV cables, but can be used with other products in REELEX coils of about 15 ½ inch diameter, and are ideal for outdoor installations of products such as fiber optic drop cables, buried cables, arial cables and more. The reuser cases can accommodate both REELEX “I” and REELEX II coils along with their respective payout tubes.

Reuser Case

The Reuser Case is a reusable REELEX container which is made from injection-molded polyethylene. This container is extremely durable, weather-resistant and features convenient carrying handles.

With the Reuser Case, the cable manufacturer ships a wrapped REELEX coil directly to the end-user, who in turn places the coil into the Reuser Case for easy on-site handling. This option is especially environmentally friendly, since the container gets reused over and over again and thus there is no waste after the cable has been used. There is also cost savings for the manufacturer, for there is no need to package each individual coil. The Reuser Case can be molded with any company logo on the side while the eye-catching design makes for a highly visible display of high-tech cable packaging.

Reuser Case Specifications
Typical Products Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optic Drop Cable
Typical Coil OD Sizes 15.5" (Equivalent to 1,000 ft of RG6 or 1,500 ft of Category 5e)
Payout Tubes EZ-Tubes or REELEX II Tubes