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While not officially trademarked, the “REELEX I” designation has been commonly used to distinguish these packages from the more recent “REELEX II” designs. REELEX I packages feature coils with relatively small payout holes and utilize EZ-Tubes or the "610" tube.

REELEX I coils are defined by payout holes of between 40 and 60 degrees, and 0.75 to 1-inch diameter payout tubes.

REELEX I boxes are slightly narrower than REELEX II packages, are all side-loaded, and are commonly used for packaging smooth, highly flexible products such as security/alarm cables, hookup wire, THHN, speaker wire and more.

The diagram above shows the payout path of the product as it exits a REELEX I coil. Because of the relatively small payout hole woven in the coil, the product must encounter a tight radius when it is close to the tube. Thus, while some manufacturers continue to package high-performance cables such as Category 5e and Category 6 products in the “REELEX I” box without performance issues, it is not recommended due to the small bending radii imposed on the cables during payout. As a result, REELEX II is recommended for all high performance cabling and large-diameter products such as coaxial cable or drop cable.

REELEX I Overview Video


REELEX I Specifications
Typical Products Security and Alarm, Category 3, Category 5, Hookup Wire, Multimedia Cabling
Typical Coil OD Sizes 9" to 16"
Payout Tubes EZ-Tubes (2" to 6" Lengths), "610" Traditional Tube
Payout Hole Size 40 to 60 Degrees
Typical Hole Size Settings (LAN Cables) 350 to 360 (Pre-1999 machines), 300 to 310 (Machines built since 1999)

REELEX Coil Adjustments

Hole Size: The hole size setting on all REELEX machines can be adjusted in degrees. The larger the setting, the larger the payout hole, however the coil size will also increase. If the hole size is set too large, the REELEX machine may produce a coil that can collapse or cause the product to slip. The hole size should be chosen so that the machine or operator can easily insert the appropriate payout tube.

Older REELEX machines are capable of producing REELEX II coils by increasing the hole size setting above 80 degrees.

On newer machines featuring REELEX II-enabled software, the hole size setting is already offset by 50, so that the hole size in degrees is equal to the setting plus 50. Thus, to create a coil with an actual hole size of 110 degrees, the hole size setting on the machine would be 60, because 50+60 = 110.

Hole Shift: The hole shift setting is the hundred digit of the hole size setting and adjusts the slant of the hole.

For more information and details on these settings and more, please download the REELEX Packaging Guide:

REELEX Packaging Guide

Making a REELEX I Coil

“REELEX I” or "standard REELEX" coils feature a small (approximately 1-inch/25mm) diameter payout hole. Typical hole settings for winding LAN cable on machines built prior to 1999 (old software) are:

On newer machines, the upgraded REELEX II-enabled software offsets the hole size by 50, so to produce a REELEX I coil on newer machines, typical settings would be:

REELEX I Assembly

Other methods and examples are described in the REELEX Packaging Guide.

REELEX Packaging Guide