ProFlex Packaging System®

Introducing ProFlex: the most versatile, flexible, low-cost, low-waste package available to manufacturers of flexible linear products. Ideal for end-user lengths of cable, tubing, fiber optics and more, ProFlex is an innovative shrink-wrap package that incorporates a heavy-duty handle into a single piece shrink bag. The unique heat-shrink process isolates the handle from the rest of the package while in the heat tunnel, allowing the handle to remain intact while the rest of the package shrinks around the coil.

Compared with reels and spools, ProFlex provides the end user a entirely new handling experience. Instead of trying to awkwardly carry spools, end-users can now carry multiple packages in one hand - leaving the other hand to open doors, carry tools, or dispense the product. Because the REELEX coil does not rotate, no additional equipment is necessary for payout - meaning installers can simply place ProFlex on the ground (or a hook) and dispense the product. Interested in trying your product in ProFlex? Send us a sample!

Package Features

ProFlex Hanging ProFlex Terminated

Carry, Hang, Store

ProFlex's integrated handle opens up a whole new way of looking at packaging. While incredibly convenient for the end-user, the handle also allows whole new ways of storing the product - on racks, shelves, hooks and more.

ProFlex is also ideal for retail applications, since the handle and clear plastic provides a perfect way to present the product.

Of course, manufacturers can choose to have their graphics printed as well, including bar-codes, logos and other identifying information.

Perfect for Pre-Terminated and Short Coils

ProFlex allows you to access the inside and outside end of the coil - making it perfect for pre-terminated coils.

And because the package shrinks around the coil, multiple lengths can fit into the same bag: 200, 250, 300 foot lengths can all use the same package - allowing for maximum flexibility, and the ability to sell "scrap" lengths of cable at the end of a supply reel.

Need bigger? The current ProFlex system can accomodate bags up to 24 inches wide and is capable of carrying over 30 lbs (13 Kg).

Low-Cost, Low-Waste, 100% Recyclable

Compared with spools or even cartons, ProFlex produces significantly less amount of waste by volume, and is easier to carry off the job site in carry-on/carry-off situations. Just crumple up the empty package and throw in the recycle bin.

And because ProFlex uses low-cost PE-LD material, a typical package costs less than $0.75 depending on printing and thickness.


  • Integrated handle allows package to be stored or presented on shelves or racks
  • End-users can use handle to hang package during payout
  • Package can be printed like other heat-shrinkable packages on market
  • One bag size can fit multiple coil lengths - allowing for maximum flexibility
  • Allows manufacturers to monetize and sell end-of-supply reel lengths
  • Accomodates pre-connectorized coils
  • Entire package can cost less than $0.75 depending on size, printing and material thickness.
  • Massively reduces on-site waste both in terms of volume and weight
  • Package is 100% recyclable

What can use ProFlex?

ProFlex is an entirely new package platform bringing REELEX technology to a far wider range of products than ever before. Because of its versatility, value-added features and low-cost, ProFlex is now a hugely attractive package for products ranging from plastic tubing to building wire to fiber optics. Interested in trying your product in ProFlex? Send us a sample! Some examples of ProFlex packaging include:

Building Wire and Non-Metallic Products

  • THHN: 100 to 2,500 ft.
  • TFFN: 100 to 2,500 ft.
  • NM-B Cables
  • MTW, etc.
  • Pneumatic Tubing
  • Irrigation Tubing
  • Medical Tubing
  • Extruded Plastic and More

Communications, Fiber Optic and LAN Cables

  • LAN Cables (Category 5e, 6, etc.) up to 1,000 ft.
  • Pre-Terminated Cables
  • Multi and Singlemode Flexible Fiber Optics
  • Premises Fiber Cables
  • FTTx cabling

Security, Alarm and other LV Cables

  • 18/2, 18/4, 22/2, 22/4, 22/6 and more
  • Thermostat Wire
  • Speaker Wire / Media Cables
  • Control Cables
  • Specialty and Industrial Cabling

How it Works

The patent-pending ProFlex™ System consists of a LLDPE shrink bag with handle, a EcoCore™ or REELEX Ez-Tube (if packaging REELEX® coils), and a ProFlex machine to produce the packages. The ProFlex machine is a specially-designed system that produces quality ProFlex packages repeatedly and reliably. The machine includes uniquely designed devices which bring the packages through the components of the system automatically. The ProFlex machine can handle REELEX coils, or any other product suitable for shrink packaging.

1. Package Load/Unload

The machine operator stands at this end of the machine and is tasked with unloading finished packages and loading new ones.

2. Coil Insertion and Sealing

The operator places the product into the ProFlex bag via a bag-loading device mounted on the machine (not shown).

3. Heat Tunnel

The package travels through the heat tunnel, shrinking the bag around the product while leaving the handle intact.

4. Cool Down

As the package returns to the unload position, it cools and continues the shrinking process. The finished package then returns to the loading area to be removed from the machine.

Machine Overview

How do I Get Started?

Is ProFlex Licensed?

ProFlex is a patented technology whose use is administered through a current and signed license agreement.

All products packaged by ProFlex, whether REELEX coils or not, use unique technology licensed by REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.

If your are a current REELEX Licensee:

ProFlex is part of the REELEX umbrella of patents, thus a current REELEX license agreement gives full rights to the use of ProFlex packaging.

No additional fees are payable to REELEX beyond those currently paid for the use of the REELEX system of patents.

If you will be using ProFlex with non-REELEX coils or other products: 

Non-REELEX licensees must sign a separate license agreement to use ProFlex packaging. Royalty fees are indicated below. A US$3,500.00 one-time license fee is paid upon signing the license agreement.

Sounds good. What's next?

Let us create a sample of your product in ProFlex packaging. All labor and materials are free of charge, though we do ask that you pay for shipping and customs both ways. To get a sample of your products in ProFlex, click here: Get a REELEX Sample.

Pricing and Specifications

Machine Information
Components Circuitous track, multiple heat-isolation devices, coil insertion device, band sealer and heat tunel.
Production Rate Depends on number of heat-isolation devices on track. Typical rate is one package every 30-40 seconds.
Coil Sizes and Types Almost any length can be accomodated. Typical lengths are 100 feet to 1,000 feet. Product examples range from plastic tubing to security/alarm wire to THHN, hookup wire, fiber optics, and typical 1,000 foot REELEX coils of Category 5e, 6. Standard linearly-wound products may be packaged in ProFlex as well, including stiff or solid cables such as NM-B, steel wire, power cables and more.
Package Information
Color and Printing Bags can be ordered in any color and multiple levels of transparency. Graphics can be printed without distortion on the handle portion of the package. Graphical inserts can be used for product-specific labeling such as UL labels, bar codes, etc.
Size Typical bag sizes accommodate coils from 6-inches diameter to 14-inches diameter, but may be ordered in nearlyany size. Contact your local bag supplier or contact REELEX for recommended vendors.
Durability Bags can withstand carrying up to 30 lbs (13 kg) of weight. Handle can be reinforced if necessary to carry additional weight.
Payout Tubes Highly flexible cables can use REELEX “I” Ez-Tube payout tubes. For improved payout performance, the new EcoCore 2.00” ID cardboard tube is recommended.
Package Costs ProFlex bag pricing varies by material thickness, printing and size. Typical bag costs are in the US$0.25-$0.75 range, with payout tubes additing an additional US$0.08-$0.25.
Machine Base Price (Purchase) $64,800.00
Rent/Month (Rental) $1,324.00
Pricing - Royalties for REELEX Licensees
Annual Fee (If Purchased) Included with REELEX Royalties
Monthly Fee (If Rented) Included with REELEX Royalties
Pricing - Royalties for Non-REELEX Licensees
Annual Fee (If Purchased) $10,341.00
Monthly Fee (If Rented) $862.00

Terms and Conditions: Packaging Materials are sold FOB, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: Net 30 Days. All prices quoted in US Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice. ProFlex is a newly developed process and equipment development is ongoing. ProFlex technology is trademarked and covered by patents issued and pending. Equipment and prices may vary according to application. The above prices should be considered budgetary. Current prices will be provided upon identification of application.