Payout Tubes

All REELEX packages require a payout tube. The purpose of the payout tube is to ensure that each twist in the coil is resolved inside the package prior to existing the coil so as to result in smooth, twist-free payout. Payout tubes also serve to prevent the coil from rotating inside the package. If a payout tube is not used, some loops of the coil would exit the package resulting in twists and possible tangles.

Each year REELEX ships close to 8 million payout tubes, and is the supplier to over 100 wire and cable manufacturers around the globe. Tubes are inventoried and shipped from our facility in Patterson, NY or can be drop-shipped from our regional suppliers or from our sales representatives in Europe and Asia.

Payout Tubes for REELEX I (EZ-Tubes), EcoCore and REELEX II packages may be purchased directly from REELEX Packaging Solutions. Please contact us to set up an account or receive a specific quote on all packaging materials.

REELEX Coil Types

EcoCore EcoCore EcoCore

Payout Hole Size

40 to 60 Degrees

60 to 90 Degrees

70 Degrees and Higher

Payout Tube

Two-piece plastic tube comprised of a payout tube and a snap-on locking ring with wire clip.

Length: 2in to 6in length (5cm to 15cm)

Diameter: ø 0.75in (2cm)

Two-piece tube system combines readily available paper “cores” with unique plastic locking ring.

Length: 2in to 8in length (5cm to 20cm)

Diameter:ø 2in (5cm)

Single-piece funnel-shaped payout tube that “drops in” to the coil. Uses box design to capture payout tube (no locking ring).

Length: 6in length (15cm)

Diameter: ø 2.50in (6.35cm) at product entry

Recommended Product Diameter Range

Minimum: ø 0.01in (0.25mm)

Maximum:ø 0.15in (3.81mm)

Minimum: ø 0.05in (1.3mm)

Maximum: ø 0.50in (12.7mm)

Minimum: ø 0.10in (2.5mm)

Maximum: ø 0.50in (12.7mm)

Typical Supported Coil Diameters

ø 9in to ø 16in (23cm to 41cm)

ø 9in to ø 22in (23cm to 56cm)

ø 12in to ø 22in (30.5cm to 56cm)

Typical Product Examples

Security/alarm wire, audio cables, THHN, small single-conductor building wires, small fiber optic cables, hookup wires, plastic tubing.

With the exception of very small products, most products from building wire to twisted-pair cables are supported by EcoCore.

High-performance structured cabling (Cat 5e, Cat 6 and up), shielded cables including coaxial cables, less flexible products such as some drop wires.

REELEX I - The EZ-Tube®

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Packaging Options

The patented EZ-Tube has been in use for decades and is designed for REELEX I packages. Every EZ-Tube includes a locking ring which snaps onto the outside end of the tube and fastens it securely to the cardboard wall of the package.

EZ-Tubes replace the old or "traditional" REELEX tubes which featured a twist-lock assembly system. These tubes were secured to the wall of the box by twisting and locking the tube in a specially designed hole in the package.

The “610 Tube” is the last of the traditional "twist-lock" tubes currently in production and is used for stiffer products such as coaxial cables. The "610" tube has largely been replaced by REELEX II packages.

The EZ-Tube improves on the twist-lock tube design in both ruggedness, ease of assembly, and cost. Whereas the twist-lock traditional tubes could sometimes pull through the wall of the cardboard or fall out, the EZ-Tube design locks securely to the package and is far more durable.

For some products, a Sherguide® can be attached to the inside end of the tube to increase the bending radius and smooth dispensing. Sherguides are commonly used for UTP products that have uneven jackets. While Sherguides can assist in the payout of some products, many manufacturers have replaced the EZ-Tube/Sherguide system with REELEX II packaging, as REELEX II improves payout of all products requiring Sherguides.

EcoCore EcoCore EcoCore EcoCore
  2-Inch REELEX I Tube 3-Inch REELEX I Tube 4-Inch REELEX I Tube 5-Inch REELEX I Tube
Part Number TUBE-EZ-275-W TUBE-EZ-375-W TUBE-EZ-475-W TUBE-EZ-575-W
Length 2-inches (5cm) 3-Inches (8cm) 4-Inches (10cm) 5-Inches (13cm)
Internal Diameter 0.75-inches (2cm) 0.75-inches (2cm) 0.75-inches (2cm) 0.75-inches (2cm)
Quantity Per Box 500 500 500 500
Quantity Per Pallet 15,000 12,500 12,500 10,000
Recommended For Small-diameter, highly flexible products producing REELEX coils with 1-inch or smaller coil walls. Small-diameter, highly flexible products producing REELEX coils with 2-inch or smaller coil walls. Small-diameter, highly flexible products producing REELEX coils with 3-inch or smaller coil walls. Small-diameter, highly flexible products producing REELEX coils between 9 and 11-inches.
EcoCore EcoCore EcoCore  
  6-Inch REELEX I Tube Sherguide Accessory "610" Twist-Lock Tube  
Part Number TUBE-EZ-675-W SHER-075LDPE-W TUBE-EZ-475-W  
Length 6-Inches (15cm) - 6-Inches (15cm)  
Internal Diameter 0.75-inches (2cm) 0.75-inches (2cm) 1-Inch (2.5cm)  
Quantity Per Box 500 500 500  
Quantity Per Pallet 7,500 20,000 20,000  
Recommended For Small-diameter, highly flexible products producing REELEX coils between 11-inches and larger. Small-diameter products requiring additional assistance exiting the package. Typically replaced by EcoCore or REELEX II tubes.  

EcoCore Tubes

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Packaging Options

The EcoCore package offers cable manufacturers a high-performance packaging option that is cheaper, smaller and greener than other packaging options while using a more efficient box design and unique features not found anywhere else.

EcoCore offers equal or better payout performance than existing REELEX II packages, but because the tube profile is straight and not tapered, packages can be 1.25 inches narrower without jeopardizing payout performance. EcoCore also uses an ideal 2.00 inch tube diameter for maximum payout performance - allowing REELEX I packages to upgrade to REELEX II performance without a significant increase in package size.

While the PLR (Plastic Locking Ring) can be purchased directly from REELEX Packaging Solutions, the tube itself can be sourced from your local paper tube supplier - usually the same vendor that supplies your REELEX boxes. And because there are no plastic molds that determine tube length, the ideal tube size can be matched to every package and every product, improving payout performance of all products, even stiffer cables.

EcoCoreInsert EcoCorePayout EcoCoreStrength

Simple Cardboard Tube

The basic concept of EcoCore is to use readily available (and cheap) cardboard cores as the payout tube, and fasten these cores to the package via glue or a specially-designed locking ring called a "PLR".

Because EcoCore uses common off-the-shelf paper cores, payout tube cost (tube plus locking ring) is less than $0.20, and can be sourced from a wide range of local suppliers without tooling investments.

Optimum Payout Performance

EcoCore uses an ideal 2.00" diameter, which provides excellent payout performance for all flexible products large and small.

Whereas the longest injection-molded plastic tubes are maxed out at 6" lengths, EcoCore tubes are readily available in any length you choose - ensuring every product uses the ideal tube length for maximum performance.

Incredible Strength

This isn't a toilet paper roll. The 1/8" thick spiral-wound paper core can withstand well over 100lbs of crushing strength before deforming - much greater than plastic.

This strength makes EcoCore ideal for wrapped coils such as those used with the Reuser Case, since stacks of wrapped coils on pallets can put well over 90 lbs of pressure on the bottom coil - potentially causing tube deformation with plastic tubes.



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Packaging Options

REELEX II is a term which incorporates both the tube design and the coiling process itself. REELEX II coils are made by creating a much larger payout hole in the coil and thus require a larger diameter tube. This winding method was developed in 1999 to improve payout performance of stiffer products by allowing residual twists and kinks in the cable to dispense easily.

Today REELEX II is the most commonly used REELEX package, as it vastly improves payout performance of all products with minimal sacrifice in package size.

Typically made from recyclable PVC plastic, the REELEX II round tube is now available in post-consumer paper fiber. The new Fiber Tube is made entirely from sustainable, recyclable and post-consumer materials and allows the entire REELEX package to be 100% biodegradable.

REELEX II tubes are currently only available in 6-inch lengths.

  Plastic REELEX II Tube
Part Number TUBEX-MP60-TWR
Length 6-Inches (15cm)
Internal Diameter 2.50-inches (6cm)
Quantity Per Box 250
Quantity Per Pallet 5,000
Recommended For

Any product larger than 0.20-inches diameter, products sensitive to bending or requiring especially large bending radii.

REELEX II or EcoCore is HIGHLY recommended for all LAN cables, including Category 5e, Category 6 and higher. REELEX II is also highly recommended for Coaxial cables and the like.