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Spoolers (SHS and DHS-750)

For added flexibility to the REELEX packaging line, REELEX Packaging Solutions offers add-on spooling machines allowing for a single packaging line to switch between traditional spool production and REELEX coiling.

The DHS-750 is a Dual-Head Spooling (DHS) machine allowing for increased production, while the SHS-750 is a Single-Head Spooler (SHS). Both machines are operated in conjunction with a REELEX coiling machine.

The spooling unit is controlled using an existing REELEX control cabinet and is wired to an existing REELEX machine. (D-750, or D-1500). Two relays, a switch and software are added to the existing REELEX control system to run the spooler. This allows the packaging line to act the same and be controlled by a single control system, whether running as a REELEX coiler or spooler. Like a stand-alone REELEX packaging operation, the controller will stop the takeup operation at the preset length, sparker fault or any crash. The cable is sheaved around the REELEX coiler and is manually attached to the spool.

Both types of spooling machines are operated by a single 5 HP DC motor which operates both the spindle and traverse units. The traverse unit has two adjustable stops and the winding pitch is infinitely adjustable and mechanically set.

The unit has two control boxes featuring four push buttons, E-STOP, STOP, START and LENGTH RESET. The START button operates two clutches, one on each spindle. When the right START button is pressed, the right spindle starts and left START button is used for the left spindle.


Maximum Spindle RPM 750
Number of Spindles 1 (SHS-750) or 2 (DHS-750)
Max. Spool Diameter 24 inch (61.0cm)
Max. Spool Width: 14 inch (35.6cm)
Max. Spool Weight: 100 lb. (45.4 Kg)


Pricing - Machine SHS-750 DHS-750
Machine Base Price $10,300.00 $20,500.00
Rental Price per Month $311.00 $596.00
Crating Charge $750.00 $1,500.00


DHS-750 Offline Layout with D-1500

In an Offline configuration, the product is wound onto a supply reel. This supply reel is then placed in a motorized payoff system which accelerates and decelerates the supply reel on the line.

From the payoff, the product enters the UDA system, which controls the speed and tension of the line.

The product then enters the D-1500 for REELEX coiling, or can be routed to the DHS-750 which is controlled by the same control system as the entire line.

Terms and Conditions: EXW, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: One third payable at time of order, one third at shipment, balance net 30 days after shipment. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2018. *Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index. Prices reset in 2014, CPI-adjusted as reflected above effective Jan 1, 2018.