MMPO Manual

MMPO Mid-Size Motorized PayOff

Originally designed for use with the RS1 entry-level REELEX machine, the MMPO is a highly-customizable, all-in-one delivery system that combines payoff, dancer, buffer and accessory components on one frame.

Built for the continuous start/stop cycles of REELEX coiling, the MMPO is designed for heavy duty, cyclic payoff and precise control of reels up to 30 inches (76cm) diameter.

Because all components are mounted on a single frame, the MMPO offers all components required for either spooling or REELEX coiling in a small footprint and at a low cost. Each component can be upgraded or modified in the field for optimum performance according to product or use.


Everything You Need

The MMPO is everything you need for controlled infeed of a reeled product into a REELEX machine, spooler, coiler or other process.

Dancer can be configured with 6, 9 or 15-inch sheaves and both footage counter and anti-reverse. Buffer is REELEX's own rim-sheave system suitable for high-performance LAN cables.

Laser Precision

Instead of a potentiometer, the MMPO's dancer uses a laser for precise control. The laser measures the position of the lower sheave set and provides real-time feedback to the payoff to spin slower or faster depending on demand.


The MMPO can be equipped with a pneumatically-operated Anti-Reverse system, engaged whenever there is product slack. This greately assists stringup and allows the payoff to stop and start without product jumping off sheaves or causing slack buildup.

Footage Counter

The footage counter is REELEX's own 4-pulse design built for superior accuracy. Counter feedback can be scaled to accomodate wear and can be configured via HMI touchscreen when used with REELEX coiling machines.


The MMPO features motorized reel raise and lower as well as "In/Out" reel load controlled via toggle-switch.

Stringup is simple, as the top sheaves on the dancer are barely above head-height, and anti-reverse and footage counter are easily accessible.

All components are close in proximity and are designed to be easily reachable for rapid switching between reels or products.

Tension control is set via air regulator and the MMPO can be equipped with a digital air control tied into the REELEX G2 Control system for rapid adjustment and product specific tie-ins.


REELEX motorized payoffs feature air-powered reel lifting along with interchangeable pintles and reel drive dogs to accommodate various sized reels. The motorized payoff also includes its own control panel with operator push buttons to control reel loading functions.

REELEX motorized payoffs receive information relayed from the dancer to adjust braking or acceleration inputs thereby speeding or slowing the product being fed into the coiling machine. Dancer position feedback is administered via laser.

The MMPO is powered by a 3 horsepower motor with a maximum speed of 500 RPMs. This translates to an approximate maximum speed of 1,000 feet per minute based on an 8-inch barrel during respooling.

Capable of accommodating supply reels up to 30 inches (76cm) and 300 lbs (136kg) at speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute (300m/min), the MMPO is ideally suited for small-scale production, package rewinding, lightweight or specialty products, secondary operations, repurposors and distributors.

For larger reels or faster speed requirements, please see our larger heavy-duty Motorized Payoff design.


Reel Diameter 12 to 30 inches (305 to 760mm)
Reel Width Up to 20 inches (510mm)
Reel Weight 300 lb (136kg) maximum
Speed 500 RPM
Controller Floor-mounted cabinet. 24vdc relay logic with Heavy Duty Limit switches.
Motors Baldor D.C 3 HP (2.23kw) will accelerate full reel to full speed in 10 seconds
Drive Stable P.I.D Energy Saving D.C Regenerative REELEX 3HP, Four Quadrant Drive.
Transmission Fixed 3:1 ratio from motor spindle
Brake Pneumatic Caliper 8” disk with Emergency Stop
Reel Lift Pneumatic reel lifting
Power Supply Requirement 220 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 30 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.
Air Supply Requrement 70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Length, Width, Height Length: 112", Width: 50", Height: 72"
Pricing - Machine
Machine Price (Typ. Configuration) $51,320.00 (Payoff, Dancer, Buffer with High-Performance Sheaves, Anti-Reverse, Footage Counter)
Typical Rent/Month (Rental) $1,501.00*
Crating Charge $750.00
Pricing - Options
Machine Base Price $33,600.00

Add Dancer - 6” Sheaves


Add Dancer - 9” Sheaves


Add Dancer - 15” Sheaves


Add Buffer


Add Counter


Add Anti-Reverse


Terms and Conditions: EXW, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: One third payable at time of order, one third at shipment, balance net 30 days after shipment. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2018. *Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index. Prices reset in 2014, CPI-adjusted as reflected above effective Jan 1, 2018.