Density Software Upgrade

The Density Program software upgrade adds new features and a new wind parameter to existing REELEX coiling machines. This new setting, called “variable density” increases the number of crossovers (places where the wire crosses over itself) as the coil builds. This increases the density of the wind resulting in smaller, denser REELEX coils and potentially reducing package sizes by up to 15%.

The Density Program also staggers the location of the crossovers so they occur at irregular intervals. In addition to allowing for increased coil density, the shifting of the crossovers have a significantly positive effect on the electrical performance of data cables such as Category 5e, Category 6 and more. This means products that previously performed marginally in electrical testing can now be packaged in REELEX with little or no degradation in performance

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading your equipment to the latest coiling software provides the following benefits:

Greater Control Over Coil Shape and Size

Improved Electrical Performance for Data Cables

Improved Machine Security

How it works

The Density Program increases the number of crossovers as the coil builds. Whereas a regular REELEX coil utilizes the same weave density throughout the coil, the Density Program software increases the weave density on every layer while staggering the crossovers to be produced at irregular periods. This tightens the weave density and decreases the amount of negative space (or air) in the coil, ultimately resulting in smaller diameter coils.


What’s Included?

What’s Not Included?

Next Steps:

Contact us at and request a date for installation. Please provide the machine type, serial number and current software version for all equipment you would like upgraded.