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What's New: Two-Stage Tension Control

When used in combination with the G2 control system, the new G2 UDA incorporates a digital air regulator and high-flow cylinder for adjustable tension control. This means each product can have their ideal tension control map, helping to mitigate the effects of physical pressure placed on the cable at the crossover point. What does that mean? That means high performance data cables stay high performance.

A dancer system is required equipment on any REELEX packaging line, as precise, even tension control is essential to producing quality REELEX coils.

Unlike previous dancer systems, the new Universal Dancer Accumulator (UDA), is a modular unit which can be customized depending on demands for input/output heights, direction, motors, counters and more. The UDA utilizes the latest in tension control components, including a laser potentiometer and digital air regulator. A self-lubricating cylinder also improves reliability and disassociates the lubrication function from the air supply.

The UDA may also be reconfigured in the field, allowing the unit to accommodate variations in line direction, or changes in products or packaging.

The UDA is included as part of the Accumulator system, if packaging online.

The UDA can be used on existing REELEX control systems or the new G2 control system standard on all new REELEX equipment. All UDAs are equipped with a digital air regulator, laser potentiometer, self-lubricating cylinder and more; all to get maximum performance with minimal product impact.



The Universal Dancer Accumulator is equipped with a laser potentiometer, self-lubricating cylinder and digital air regulator. These components function as part of the tension control system relaying signals to the Motorized Payoff or an Accumulator thereby controlling line speed and tension.

For REELEX machines equipped with G2 controls, tension can be set via touchscreen, and stored on a per-product basis. Two-stage tension control is available and allows the tension to change based on footage. This can have dramatic improvements for some high-performance Category Cables.

The dancer allows the line speed to increase during the winding process and slow down to a stop when the REELEX machine is between coils. The UDAs also include a accumulator component which works to temporarily store product and smooth out the sudden stops and starts of the REELEX coiling machine.

The dancer also has mounts for the length counter, and may be equipped with a spark tester or other quality control measurement device.


The standard UDA comes as a base model with 9-inch sheaves, no counter, and no motor. The 9-inch (229mm) sheaves are suitable for heavier constructions such as coaxial cable, while a 15-inch (381mm) sheave upgrade is standard for category cable and fiber optics. The 15-inch sheaves are engineered by REELEX Packaging Solutions especially for REELEX coiling, as their light weight design drastically reduces the amount of rotational inertia in the line.

Other options include one or four-pulse counters, and one or two-horsepower motors. The motors assist in pulling cable from the accumulator in online situations, and are not normally required in rewind-line packaging configurations.

Other add-ons, motors and options are available upon request.

Recommended Systems

For online REELEX packaging (D-1500 and D-2050), UDA-15-4C-1H with motor is recommended to pull product from the accumulator system. For rewind-line configurations, a motor is not required, as the motorized payoff feeds product into the UDA. For sensitive cable constructions such as Category 6, 6A, 6E or fiber optics, the 15-inch sheave upgrade is recommended.

Recommended Equipment
UDA-15-4C-0H For rewind-line configurations. Includes 15-inch high-performance sheaves and 4-pulse counter. Six-foot (183cm) tall dancer system equipped with accumulation function, nine sheaves (5 over 4), laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, one sheave for input. Capacity: 40 feet (12m)
UDA-15-4C-1H For online configurations. Includes 15-inch high-performance sheaves and 4-pulse counter. Six-foot (183cm) tall dancer system equipped with accumulation function, nine sheaves (5 over 4), laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, one sheave for input and a motor driven capstan. Capacity: 40 feet (12m)


Air-Supply Requirement 70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement Power supply required only if equipped with motor: 230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.
Pricing - Machine
Standard High Performance UDA (Purchase) $11,400.00
Standard High Performance UDA (Rental/Month) $344.00*

Terms and Conditions: EXW, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: One third payable at time of order, one third at shipment, balance net 30 days after shipment. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2018. *Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index. Prices reset in 2014, CPI-adjusted as reflected above effective Jan 1, 2018.