D-2050 Automated Packaging Machine

Evolution of a Global Standard

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D-2050 Product Sheet
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The D-2050 is an evolution of the D-2000, with myriad improvements, new features and upgrades. Equipped with an entirely new glue system, upgrades to nearly every major component, unique programming improvements and the option to configure for glued EcoCore tube usage, the D-2050 represents the latest in REELEX packaging machinery.

In use by some of the largest wire and cable manufacturers around the globe, the D-2000 has had enormous success as the standard packaging machine for large production runs of data cables. Taking the "tried and true" D-2000 and evolving the machine for reliability, servicing, usability, throughput, and reduced operating cost results in a machine that is familiar, yet ready for the next generation of data cables and industrial advancements.

The driving force behind this new machine is the use of a completely new glue system by Nordson, the industry leader in hot melt adhesive systems. This system is combined with upgrades and additions such as a new tube inserter mechanism, servo-driven (instead of air-driven) components, completely new cut and transfer system, “smart” logic for reliability and scrap reduction, non-contact length counter, support for EcoCore tube usage, optimization for Category 6 and higher, new G2 control system with touchscreen HMI, and much more. With these advancements, the D-2050 serves global wire and cable manufacturers as the optimal solution for consistent, automated, high production packaging.


D-2050 Overview Video


Similar in operation to the D-2000, the D-2050 is a fully-automated packaging machine designed to perform coiling and boxing tasks continuously without the attention of a machine operator. This allows the manufacturer to achieve significant labor cost savings and maintain high production rates while dramatically reducing or eliminating package quality issues through consistency of automation and integral quality control programming, sensors and protocols.

The product enters the machine from either a supply reel (via a motorized payoff) or an extrusion line (via an accumulator) and is automatically coiled on a specialized turret-head mandrel. Once the coil is completed, the turret swivels the completed coil to a tube insertion and boxing station, while another coil begins winding. The finished coil has either a REELEX II or EcoCore tube inserted into the payout hole, and a box is folded around the coil. Glue is then applied and the finished package moved to a conveyor for further processing, palletizing or sorting.

The D-2050 REELEX Coiling and Boxing Machine includes a high performance buffer suitable for next-generation twisted-pair cables and fiber optics, a uniquely designed dual mandrel turret-style REELEX coiling head, a tube insertion device, and a box folding and gluing station. All operations are synchronized via industrial PC running proprietary REELEX programming. Front-end processes and interactions happen via a high-definition touchscreen HMI running REELEX G2 control system software featuring troubleshooting, on-screen manual, packaging calculator, multi-language support, product recipe storage, networking capability and more.

D-2050 Components

Turret Inserter BoxLifter

15-Inch Buffer

Lightweight, low-inertia, 15-inch buffer sheaves are standard on the D-2050, and are necessary for coiling high-performance data cables.

These sheaves greatly reduce the amount spinning mass during the coiling process, significantly reducing the amount of stress placed on the cable.

Turret Mandrel

The two mandrel assemblies on the D-2050 are mounted on a turret which moves finished coils to the boxing station while the empty mandrel winds a coil.

This setup allows for continuous operation, including accomodation for online operation.

The D-2050 is equipped to use either 8-inch or 10-inch mandrel setups.

Tube Insertion and Pull Through

The tube insertion mechanism on the D-2050 includes tube separator, pickup and insertion components. The tube inserter automatically pulls the inside end of the REELEX coil up through the tube. If it misses, the top of the box is left open for correction by the operator.

The machine can be set up for REELEX II or EcoCore tube usage, with EcoCore packages gluing the tube into the box for maximum package resiliance.

Boxing and Gluing Station

The boxing station consists of pickup, folding and gluing components. When a finished coil is presented to the boxing station, the pickup places a box into the folding station which then folds each panel of the box around the coil.

Precision glue nozzles then apply adhesive to each flap and each panel is secured as glue dries.

New on the D-2050

Turret Inserter BoxLifter

Improved Hot-Melt Glue System

The entirely new Nordson ProBlue hot-glue system is a tankless system with external hopper. Unlike prior systems in the D-2000, this new system allows glue to be stored away from the heaters in an external 32 Gallon/120 Liter hopper.

This reduces the risk the operator coming in contact with hot adhesives and surfaces, while allowing many days worth of glue to be stored in a “fill it and forget it” configuration.

The new glue system also increases the reliability and precision of the glue spray, eliminating drips, reducing messes and providing a cleaner application.


Support for EcoCore

The D-2050 can now be configured to use cardboard EcoCore payout tubes.

Low cost, compostable and narrower than REELEX II tubes, EcoCore tubes offer optimal payout performance across all products while reducing package size and environmental impact. EcoCore tubes on the D-2050 are loaded via hopper and conveyor system, automatically glued into the package for maximum resilience.

By eliminating the need for plastic tubes, licensees can offer a 100% compostable package that is cheaper per unit and up to 10% narrower than equivalent REELEX II packaging.

Package Quality Sensors

Improving overall package consistency and ensuring quality, cable sensors recognize whether the cable has been positively captured and pulled through the payout tube. If the cable has not been pulled up through the payout tube, the top of the box will not be glued so that an operator can manually correct the problem.

This ensures that every box an installer receives will have the cable ready to go and exactly where they expect it, every time.


Revised Tube Loader

Jaws on the tip of the tube loader together with wire deflection segments ensures the inside edge of the tube fully penetrates the wall of the coil, thereby insuring against tangling upon payout.

The improved tube support design also places a better distribution of pressure on the wall of the tube, allowing for more reliable insertion. The revised tube loader is also configurable to work with EcoCore cardboard tubes for 100% compostable packaging.

Turret Inserter BoxLifter

Third Glue Nozzle

An additional glue nozzle is standard on the D-2050 and improves the overall security and integrity of the finished box.

This additional nozzle places glue in the middle of the top outside flap of the REELEX box, increasing structural rigidity and preventing the top flap from separating from the rest of the box.

This additional glue point also reduces box “bulging” that is occasionally seen when palletizing multiple layers of boxes.

Safety Improvements

The D-2050 is completely guarded, negating the need for light curtains. Improvements in guarding means reduced risk against potential operator intrusion into unsafe areas. Internal lighting inside the machine is provided, and allows maintenance personnel and operators to see clearly inside the machine.

The inclusion of a touchscreen HMI with G2 operating system means intuitive troubleshooting of switches and valves can take place outside of the machine, without opening the control cabinet.

Servo-Actuated Components

Instead of air cylinders which are imprecise for some applications and do not have infinite adjustability, several of the D-2050s components are now controlled electrically via servo motors.

Besides significantly more precision and speed, servos are considerably safer than pnumatic components, as there is no danger of potential energy in an emergency stop situation.


Non-Contact Length Counter

Replacing the magnet/wheel length counter is a non-contact laser length counter with better than ±0.05% accuracy. This length and speed measuring unit eliminates a contact point with the cable, and does away with the need to adjust the length scalar setting to accommodate wheel wear.


Turret Inserter G2 Controls Overview

Improved Throughput and Reliability

Integral programming and onboard calculations allow the D-2050 to operate at peak efficiency, especially in online mode.

These algorithms work in conjunction with G2 control system programming to remove much of the guesswork from finding the machine’s optimal performance level, thus improving overall throughput and efficiency of the line.

Revised and updated component designs, including the use of servo motors instead of cylinders noticably increase cycle times and improve online reliability.

Reduced Scrap and Increased Precision

New program improvements include “smart” AI decision making capabilities that allow the machine to make the best decision in situations such as what to do when reaching the end of a supply reel, where to cut the cable when splicing, and what to do in spark fault situations.

These improvements to operation logic mean the D-2050 makes on-the-fly decisions to reduce scrap and increase operating efficiency and throughput.

G2 Control System and HMI

The new G2 control system in operation on other REELEX machines includes a high-definition touchscreen HMI with integrated programming.

The G2 control system allows easy networking to the D-2050 and offers a wide range of operation improvements, including product/recipe storage, two-stage tension control for high-performance data cables, on-screen help and maintenance feedback, simple machine setup and adjustments, support for a wide range of languages, packaging calculator and more.

For more information on the G2 control system, click here.

Cutter / Grabber System

Replacing the D-2000s pneumatic cut and grab mechanism is a servo-actuated robotic arm, allowing the cut/grab/replace process to occur much faster, thus decreasing transfer time.

The increase in speed and accuracy during the transfer operation decreases cycle time and gives the D-2050 higher overall output than the D-2000.



Typical rewind-line production rate is thirty five to forty five (35-45) coils per hour. Actual rates may vary depending on product type, supply reel length and supply reel switchover time. Online, and in unison with an AC-500 accumulator, the D-2050 will run up to 800 feet (244m) per minute and produce up to forty-five (45) 1,000 ft (305m) coils in an hour.

The D-2050 buffer system includes 15” ring sheaves standard for packaging advanced data cables such as Category 6, 6A, Shielded and other high performance cables.

Standard equipment for the D-2050 is a 8-inch mandrel/18-inch endform set. For products over 0.25" OD, a 10-inch mandrel with 18-inch endform set is recommended.

EcoCore Configuration

A new option to the D-2000 family, the D-2050 can now be configured to package cables using the EcoCore payout tube system. EcoCore brings together the best attributes of REELEX I and REELEX II, while offering unique features, cost advantages, a slimmer profile and a focus on sustainability.

What's Included?

D-2050s equipped for EcoCore usage include, tube hopper, elevator, gating mechanism, automatic flanger, a slightly different tube inserter and additional glue applicator that glues the tube to the package. The extensiveness of these additions means the addition of EcoCore is a $1,500/month option.

That sounds like alot.

Rental is more, but per-package tube cost is dramatically less. 65% less than REELEX II plastic tubes. That means for a typical production run of 18,000 boxes/month, more than $3,000 in packaging material costs can be saved - far outweighing the $1,500/month rental increase. That means overall savings range from 10% to 20%, while you offer your customers a100% recyclable, compostable package that is up to 10% narrower than REELEX II boxes, is extremely rugged and features as good or better payout than REELEX II.

EcoCore Package Features

For more details about the EcoCore packaging system click here.


Maximum Spindle RPM 750
Number of Spindles 2
Online Capable Yes
Coils per Hour (Offline) 35 coils per hour Offline (varies with, payoff reel size and motorized payoff performance)
Coils per Hour (Online) Up to 45 coils per hour Online with an extruder. Will follow extruder speed up to 800ft/min (244m/min)
Operators Required 0, 1 part time to remove completed packages and replenish boxes and tubes
Automatic Endform Removal Yes
Automatic Tube Insertion, Boxing and Gluing Yes

"G2" Industrial PC-based control system with integrated sliding control panel and LCD screen inside control cabinet featuring two speed control modes, real-time displays including program for troubleshooting and testing of all electronic and mechanical functions.

Fully customizable touchscreen HMI operator interface with on-screen help, product recipe storage and retrieval, REELEX packaging calculator, maintenance functions, machine setup, multi-langual options and more.
Motors One 5 HP (3.75 KW) DC, 1,750 RPM spindle motor and one 2 HP (1.5 KW) DC, 1750 RPM traverse motor. Servo motors controlling various functions of machine.
Buffer System 15-inch (380 mm) ring sheave buffer designed for Category 6+ cables
Counter Non-contact optical length counter located at input of buffer
Anti Reverse Automatic Anti Reverse AAR-1 mounted at input of buffer
Safety Light curtains, lexan caging and interlocks are standard.
Length, Width, Height 270” (6.8m), 150” (3.8m), 142” (3.6m)
Color Equipment is painted Sky Blue (RAL 5015) unless otherwise specified at time of order. Custom paint other than RAL 5015 is a extra charge option for new equipment.
Air-Supply Requirement 70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement 230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.
Pricing - Machine
Machine Base Price (Purchase) Currently not available for purchase
Rent/Month (Rental) - REELEX II $5,877.00*
Rent/Month (Rental) - EcoCore $7,410.00*
Crating Charge $2,000.00
Pricing - Options
Custom Paint
(RAL 5015 - Sky Blue is standard)
Pricing - Royalties
Royalty Fees See Table and Information Here

Terms and Conditions: EXW, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: One third payable at time of order, one third at shipment, balance net 30 days after shipment. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2018. *Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index. Prices reset in 2014, CPI-adjusted as reflected above effective Jan 1, 2018.