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AC-300 or AC-500 System Consists of:

Unit 1: Universal Dancer Accumulator (UDA) equipped with laser potentiometers, digital air regulation, self-contained cylinders and more. This unit controls Units 2 and 3 mounted on the tower.

Unit 2 and 3: Left and right sides of 10 (AC-300) or 14-foot (AC-500) tower storing 80 to 160 feet of accumulation.


REELEX Packaging Solutions provides a full line of accumulation systems for a wide range of online speed and configuration requirements.

The purpose of the accumulator system is to store product coming from the extruder while the D-1500 or D-2050 REELEX machine is switching between mandrels.

Unique Design

All REELEX Accumulator Systems are composed of three separate accumulators mounted on two frames: one tall tower and one Universal Dancer Accumulator (UDA).

REELEX accumulators are unique in that the top sheave set is stationary while the bottom sheaves raise or drop depending on demand. This allows REELEX accumulators to leverage the force of gravity in providing extremely rapid response times. REELEX accumulators are also unique in that they are broken into multiple units acting together. This allows the units to accumulate and empty in sequence, allowing for accurate low tension control as well as rapid response.

The UDA unit and one side of the tower have individual capstan motors. Each accumulator is filled in sequence, which means the product can rapidly be loaded and unloaded from the lightest accumulator at any time. This ensures that the line maintains proper tension and thus prevents problems induced by sluggish response to sudden starts, stops and accelerations during the winding process.

REELEX accumulators also includes their own relay logic controllers which can be separately calibrated to accommodate various extrusion setups or sequential printing.

The AC-500 (500 feet) is identical in operation to the AC-300 pictured here and is recommended for Online production with the D-2050. The AC-300 is recommended for use with the D-1500. REELEX accumulators may be operated in sequence if more accumulation is required.




REELEX accumulators are three-unit accumulation systems which feature sophisticated electronic monitoring and control. The controller monitors each individual unit separately so that the lightest accumulator is programmed for instantaneous response to changing line speeds. Once the first accumulator is filled, the second accumulator reacts until filled and so on. This has the effect of highly accurate low-tension control combined with rapid line change response.

With many non-REELEX accumulators, sudden changes in line speed may cause excessive tension or cause the cable to jump from the sheaves and tangle. Due to the responsive sequential action of the REELEX Packaging Solutions Accumulator System, these problems are avoided.

Line Tension Control

Any accumulator system includes a UDA dancer system equipped with a motor to pull product from the accumulator as the REELEX machine demands it, then relay information back to the accumulator to accrue more product during the cross-over process between mandrels.

The UDA included in AC-300 or AC-500 systems is identical to UDAs used in offline configurations except for the addition of a capstan motor. All G2 UDAs are equipped with zero-tune laser potentiometer, digital air regulator for precise tension control at the HMI, and a self-lubricating cylinder.


Capacity 300 feet (100m) for AC-300, 500 feet (152m) for AC-500
Maximum Line Speed 2,000 feet per minute maximum (610mpm)
Minimum Tension Minimum Tension 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Controller Controller featuring relay logic and two drives. Accumulation control is linked to REELEX controller.
Sheaves High Performance 15-inch sheaves standard, others available on request.
Unit 1 UDA system is included as part of the accumulator system and is a six-foot (183cm) tall dancer system equipped with accumulation function, nine sheaves (5 over 4), laser potentiometer control, digital air regulator, one sheave for input and a motor driven capstan. Capacity: 40 feet (12m)
Unit 2 Ten foot tall accumulator with an eight foot air-loaded cable cylinder (adjustable to 80 psi), fourteen aluminum sheaves plus motor-driven capstan, and a laser potentiometer. Top sheaves are air piston locked in position except during string-up when they may be lowered. Bottom sheaves are active using gravity and cable cylinder. Capacity: 80 feet (24m)
Unit 3 Same as Unit 2 except it has no capstan motor and uses twenty-seven aluminum sheaves for 160 feet (49m) of accumulation
Length, Width, Height 102” (259cm), 48” (122cm), 120” (305cm) (AC-300 dimensions)
Air-Supply Requirement 70 psi (5 bar) minimum air supply required.
Power Supply Requirement 230 v (+/- 10%), 3 phase, 40 amps, 50/60 Hz. Transformer is available upon request.
Pricing - Machine
Machine Base Price (Purchase) AC-300-S15: $58,200.00, AC-500-S15: $65,800.00
Rent/Month (Rental) AC-300: $1,719.00*, AC-500: $1,957.00*
Crating Charge $750.00
Pricing - Options
EC Guarding $3,600.00

Terms and Conditions: EXW, REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc., Patterson, NY, USA. Terms: One third payable at time of order, one third at shipment, balance net 30 days after shipment. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices effective Jan 1, 2018. *Adjusted annually per the CPI-U inflation index. Prices reset in 2014, CPI-adjusted as reflected above effective Jan 1, 2018.