REELEX License Agreement for OEMs

All REELEX® Licensees are required by the License Agreement to have the REELEX trademark logo visibly printed on every package containing a REELEX coil. The primary function of the trademark logo is to identify to end-users the use of licensed and patented technology.

For OEMs who are using genuine REELEX technology via a supplier's license, REELEX offers a trademark license agreement. This agreement allows well-known OEMs to become genuine REELEX trademark licensees in exchange for committing to using only genuine REELEX licensees as suppliers. Besides ensuring that the packaging is genuine REELEX and is not under threat of patent infringement, this agreement allows REELEX to confirm that an OEM is lawfully using REELEX patents while helping promote the OEM’s brand.

In order to be fair to all parties, adding OEM to the licensee list would require OEM itself to become a licensee. By having signed a separate “OEM” license agreement with REELEX, the OEM would legally be identified as a licensee of REELEX’s trademarks (the OEM is already using REELEX technology via suppliers).

Agreement Outline

REELEX will:

REELEX requires OEM to:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the REELEX Logo?

The REELEX trademark guarantees to the end-user that the coil was wound on a genuine REELEX machine. This logo ensures that they are getting a genuine tangle-free package from a genuine and honest company as opposed to a knock-off. The trademark also allows us to take legal action against counterfeit cable manufacturers or manufacturers who attempt to counterfeit REELEX packages and claim them as genuine.

By printing the REELEX mark on all REELEX packaging, manufacturers can defend their investment in the REELEX system and protect against counterfeiting, while proving honesty and integrity to their customers.

Is the REELEX trademark optional?

No, it is required. The License Agreement between you (the manufacturer) and REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc. stipulates that every package containing a coil utilizing REELEX technology MUST have a REELEX trademark visible somewhere on the package.

Are there any requirements for printing the logo like size, color etc?

It can be any size as long as the “REELEX” text is legible. Some Licensees use a large logo so that they can assure end users that they have a genuine REELEX Package. Others use a smaller logo that does not impinge on other artwork on the Package. Typically, the logo is printed on the bottom of the box near the corrugation information seal, however there is no restriction on location. Similarly, the logo can be printed in any color you choose.

What is the easiest way to apply the Logo?

The easiest way is to have the logo printed on the boxes along with other artwork when the boxes are manufactured. Most Licensees add the logo to their printing plates when reordering boxes.

My box printer left off the Logo. What can I do?

We recommend speaking with your box supplier, as the costs to modify printing plates are typically minimal. Additionally, REELEX now offers genuine holographic labels for application directly on the box. Please contact REELEX for more information.

How do I get the Logo artwork?

Contact us at We can provide any file format you require.

My supplier also uses non-REELEX coiling machines. What do I do?

The REELEX trademark may only be applied to packages coiled using genuine REELEX machinery. Coils made on non-REELEX machines cannot have the Logo applied. To do so would constitute Trademark infringement and could trigger legal action.