REELEX Licensee List

Want to know which manufacturers are using genuine REELEX packaging? Take a look. We have over 100 licensees on nearly every continent.

REELEX Licensees are asked to print the REELEX trademark on their packaging so that their customers know the coil inside is a genuine REELEX coil and will provide the superior payout performance they expect.

If you are a current licensee and require the REELEX trademark logo, please let us know.

REELEX Licensee List

Below are authorized manufacturers that have signed license agreements with REELEX.

REELEX Packaging Solutions makes the package, not the wire. So if there is a product you want to see tangle and twist-free, let them know:

Company Name Licensee Since

Country of Origin

Access Cable Co. (Furukawa Group) 2009 Japan
Acome 1996 France
Advanced Digital Cable 1997 USA
Andrew Telecommunications India (CommScope) 2013 India
Aomori Showa Electric (SWCC Group) 1997 Japan
Arrow Wire & Cable 1990 USA
Bee Wire & Cable 1989 USA
Belden (Including Mohawk) 1974 Worldwide
Berk-Tek 1989 USA
BITNER (Zaklady Kablowe BITNER Spolka z.o.o) 2014 Poland
Brand Rex 1992 Scotland
Burton Wire & Cable 1992 USA
CTi (Ching Tai Electric Wire & Cable) 2007 Taiwan
CommScope 1980 Worldwide
Comtran 1986 USA
Condumex 1989 Mexico
Corning Optical Communications GmbH & Co. KG 1998 Germany
Dah San Electric Wire & Cable Corp. 1998 Taiwan
Datwyler AG 1989 Switzerland
Deca Cables 1987 Canada
Demes Kablo 2000 Turkey
Domtech 1985 Canada
Draka UK (Prysmian Group) 1989 England
EIS Wire & Cable 1989 USA
Electro Cable 1992 Canada
Encore Wire 2014 USA
Falcon Fine Wire & Wire Products 1990 USA
Fibrain sp. Z o.o. 2017 Poland
Fuji Electric 1996 Japan
Fujikura 2008 Japan
Furukawa 1994 Brazil
Gaon Cable 1999 South Korea
General Cable 1977 Worldwide
General Cables Orfandis Bros 2000 Greece
General Wire Products 2004 USA
Gupta Power 2014 India
Haiyan (Zhejiang Haiyan Electric Cable) 2014 China
HCS - HES Cabling Systems 2003 Turkey
Hitachi Cable 1989 USA
Hold Key 2008 Taiwan
Honeywell 1996 USA
ICC 2013 USA
ICE Cable 2014 USA
ICME ECAB 2002 Romania
IRCE 1999 Italy
Kansai Tsushin 1999 Japan
Keystone Wire & Cable 1986 USA
Kijima Cable 1997 Japan
Lake Cable 1996 USA
LinkZ 2006 Hong Kong
LS Cable & System 1999 South Korea
LTK Cable 1995 Hong Kong
Madex 1997 Poland
Middle East Specialized Cables Factory (MESC) 1999 Saudi Arabia
Nexans 1992 Worldwide
Nippon Seisen Cable 1996 Japan
Okano 1996 Japan
Oki Electric Cable 1997 Indonesia
OWire (Shenzhen Owire Investment & Development Co., Ltd.) 2016 China
PCNet Wire & Cable 2007 Taiwan
PCT International 2008 USA
Prysmian Group 1993 Worldwide
Sandmartin Electronic 2015 China
Sanyo 1996 Japan
SEI Optifrontier 2008 Japan
Shinko Electric Industrial 1997 Japan
ShenZhen PangNgaiKui Technology Co., LTD 2016 China
Showa Cable (SWCC Group) 1996 Japan
Siemon 2015 USA
Southwire (formerly Coleman Cable) 1983 USA
Sterlite 2005 India
Stratasys 2011 USA
Structured Cable Products 2015 USA
Sumitomo 1998 Japan
Superior Essex 1976 USA
Syston Cable Technology (Zhengdao Group) 2016 China
Taihan Electric Wire 1999 South Korea
Taiyoung Electronics 1997 South Korea
TE Connectivity 1997 USA
Telcon Fios (Prysmian Group) 2002 Brazil
Teldor Wires & Cables 1995 Israel
Telecables 2000 Greece
Thai Wonderful Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. 2017 Thailand
Times Fiber (TFC Group) 1979 USA
Tonichi Kyosan Cable (Hitachi Group) 1996 Japan
Tratos 2008 Italy
Tsushin Kogyo 1996 Japan
Tycab 1996 Australia
U-Jin Cable (TFC Group) 2004 South Korea
Voka Vogtlandisches 2003 Germany
Windy City Wire 1992 USA
Wonderful Wire 1995 Taiwan
Yazaki Electric Wire 1998 Japan
Zhaolong (Zhejiang Zhaolong Cable) 2015 China
ZheJiang ShengYang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. 2017 China
ZTC (Zhangjiagang Twentsche Cable) 2015 China