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REELEX Sample Instructions

  1. Send us some of your product to be packaged. If you can, please send your product in it's current packaging, otherwise 1,000 feet (305 meters) or more on a spool or reel is preferable.

Ship to:

ATTN: Samples
REELEX Packaging Solutions, Inc.
39 Jon Barrett Road
Patterson, NY 12563

Note: For international shipments, please ship DOOR-to-DOOR DDP, and provide tarrif number on Invoice.

REELEX shipping instructions

  1. Fill out the form below, and press "YES" on "Are you looking for a REELEX sample?"

  2. While coiling and packaging is provided by REELEX Packaging Solutions free of charge, we ask that freight both ways is paid by the company sending the sample product. To speed along this process, please enter your freight carrier information in the form below. Tell us about your current product, packaging and what you would like to see out of your REELEX samples. Are you looking for a cardboard box? ProFlex? Unsure? Let us know.

If you have questions, comments or requirements, please feel free to contact us at